Saturday, April 18, 2009

The same "Dick"......

Two liberators.. ..

At the meeting of the America's
President Obama repeated :
" Do not blame the USA for all your troubles.... .."

The same sentence was addressed to the Arab and Muslim world
at the inaugural-speech. ......
and Sherlock Hommos , my brother-in-law asked him then :

1- who supported and still supports all our rotten-leaders ??
2- who financed Israel from A to Z ........??
3- who never helped any democratic effort among the Arabs ??

Today Sherlock Hommos requested me to ask President Obama
on behalf of our brothers in South-America :

1- if there is any dictator who was not placed as ruler, by the USA ??
2- did ever , by mistake, the USA help any democratic change or any reform ??
3- who owns the plantations and the factories in South-America ??
4- who assassinated Salvatore Allende ?? Ernesto Che Guevarra ??
5- who owns the United-Fruit- Companies ?? the Panama Canal ??

The Arabs and the South-American
may speak two different languages
may have two different religions and cultures
but they have the same fate
they are screwed by the same "Dick".....

Raja Chemayel

PS :
"Dick" is an english word for Zob
which is an Arabic word for Lul
which is a Dutch word......
for "American-President "

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Abbey said...

Bloody well written and true

I hope you dont mind I cross posted this on my site under Human Rights

if you do I will of course remove it

regards Abz