Sunday, April 19, 2009


An Arab-Church
where the beleivers pray
the one and only
and same Allah.

It is Easter Sunday for the orthodox-churches
my congratulations !!
Al Massieh Qaam !!

Never mind that the other-christian- churches
have celebrated Eastern-Sunday one week before.

We Christians cannot agree on any date
among our own-co-Christians- fellow :

not even the Birth date of Jesus !!
not even if he married or not !!
not even if he has had brothers or not !!
and my own father , who was a pastor ,
refused to recognise that
Jesus turned the Water into Wine....

We Christians still have to agree
first of all
on the identity of Jesus !!

Never mind ... !!

in-spite of all the confusions and misinterpretations
in our Bible ,
we still consider ourselves as "one".

Never mind !! again

I know that some Jews who are no "jews" ,
and yet they even called themselves Jews.

Some people chose to call themselves "the chosen"
when nobody has chosen them
except Baron Rottchild
and Theodor Herzel.

Some people call themselves Semites
just to profit from anti-semitism.

Some people pretend to be the "chosen"
just to be able to chose , if they shall
rob Akka or rob Haifa.

Why to argue ?? why to fight ??
Jesus came and left
regardless which date it was !!!

Why to argue ?? why to fight ??
If there were a "promised-land"
this Land was, already delivered once
and then lost , again.....
so that " promise " was consumed !!

When we Christians and our brothers the Muslims
are waiting for the return of Jesus
we better be careful, this time.

Let us all wait until Nathaniahu and his people
go back to Brooklyn , first
and only then , when ,
Mr. Ismaiil Hanniyah
takes the place of Herodus
Jesus may came back, safely !!


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