Saturday, April 25, 2009

A funeral we shall never see........

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Jokes, which are true, hurt the most.....
they are called : Irony

In the last two year I wrote three times to enquire about
what has happened to the funerals
of the General Ariel Sharon.

My theory (or rather, my accusation) was that he is
such a dirty figure in the dirty history of Israel
that even the Israelis would like to forget him
and also they would like the world to forget him
and all the massacres and genocides he has done.

Probably , it is so , that to forget Ariel Sharon
is to forget and to hide also,
the ugliness of the State of Israel .

My guess is that Sharon already died and he was buried
and no one came to the funerals.... .
or because no one would have come, to his funerals,
it was done secretly .......
whereas his son and his dog , have attended, only.

I might be right or I might be wrong ,
but no one showed us his funerals-pictures
and nobody showed us him in his sick-bed.

I guess that Sharon is the true face of Israel
and any state-funeral , would be bad reminder....

Raja Chemayel
25 April 2009

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