Sunday, April 26, 2009

Some journalists are luckier...
Roxana a USA-spy !!
Sami a Truth-Spy !!

An American Journalist of Iranian origins
is jailed after been found guilty of espionage .

In theory,
she could be guilty or eventually be innocent .

But the fact is that tonight and for the next 8 years
she will be sleeping in a prison.

What is obvious is that all the western-Media' s
have mention this news immediately ,repeatedly
and very loudly...... ..

For the sake of honesty and objectivity
I must admit , that Iran might be wrong in its judgement
but one thing is sure this lady-journalist was
testing the patience of the Iranian-regime
and she has finally got her clear answer.....

I know about a lot of other journalists
who were only testing the credibility of the USA,
the last 5 years and they do not sleep in an Iranian Prison.
Some of them slept , rather, in a torture-camp
and others slept one-meter-under- the-ground. ...for ever.

My conclusion would be :
it is better for a Journalist
to be a USA-Spy
than a critic of the USA......

Sherlock Hommos
CEO , of critic-sans- frontiere

http://www.acapela. tv/good-old- times-bd724b5885 9d0.html

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