Monday, April 27, 2009

Zio-Racism , is not racism ????


The classical-racism. .....

Zio-racism.. ...

If Zionism is not racism,
then Ludwig van Beethoven was not a music-composer
and Albert Einstein was a Swiss-cheese- maker

If Zionism is not racism,
then Adolf Hitler was only executing "very-early- euthanasia"
and Genghis Khan applied "much-delayed- abortions"

If Zionism is not racism
then Darwin must have called Adam "grand-father"
and the world is not round....... but oval or triangular .

If Zionism is not racism,
then Cleopatra was a Greek-virgin- house-maid
and racism is a medical-plant.
If Zionism is not racism,
then the Panama-canal is connecting Switzerland to Zimbabwe
and Churchill invaded Poland to defend France from Cholera.
Hold on !!
Now I know why " Zionism is so clean and so innocent "
because it is practised by those who re-wrote the history
those who falsified the Bible
those legalised racism
and who impersonated the Israelites,
(if ever the Israelites existed).

Anyhow , Zionism is not racism
because ,
all the racist-cultures said so !!!

And by the way :
what would you call any idiology
that serves only one race ,exlusively,
at the cost and at the sufferings of another race ??

Raja Chemayel

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