Saturday, May 2, 2009

One Israeli caught the Swine-Flu !!!

The driver has a 39 degree fever......

The Swine-Flu has reached Israel
since last week already..... ...
and the World is indifferently active somewhere else.
One Israeli is suspected of being infected by it
and the World is watching closely Mexico !!
This is a tragedy in the making,
history repeating itself !!
Indifference at a global-scale.
"Never again " should that happen!!
One Israeli-citizen is at risk
and yet in all bravery and persistence
he is working and not lying in a hospital bed........
indeed , he is working 8 hours a day
as he operates a Bulldozer in Jerusalem
where he is busy demolishing Palestinian homes.
And ironically the world-media does not mention
anything about his health......
Thousands of Palestinians are seeing their houses demolished
and no Media mentions the Flu this man has caught !!
There you have it !!
another example that Anti-semitism is on the rise.
Moustafa Roosenbloom
Rent-a-Bulldozer Ltd.

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