Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The irony of the Anti-Racists
do you see any difference ??

Many organisations are fighting against
Racism and Anti-Semitism
are those two different and distinct entities ??

Why ??

Anti-Semitism not Racism ??
are Semites not a Race ??
Semites are a "special-race" ??
those called Semites are not semites , at all ??
therefore not a race .....

Hitler's friends called them Semites
but actually they were a mixture of Ashkenazim ,
Slavonic, Nordic, Germanic ,Turkmanic.. ...
anything else , but not Semites !!!

It is like a law which would claim to be
anti-Crime and anti-Rape
as if rape were not a crime....!!
or a spray, being
anti-insects and anti-mosquito' s....!!

My personal opinion is that
those calling themselves Semites
are not semites
and those calling themselves
were themselves , once ,
those cultures and civilisations
that have
practised racism and have benefited of it.

And the irony of this all ,
is that those" today's semites " are issued
from those cultures and those civilisations
were the racists , the last 500 years !!!

And finally ,

what if ??
a semite becomes a racist ??
what if ??
a semites became racists and established
the Stae of Israel ??
what if ??
a semite became racist and established
the Stae of Israel , and is still discrimating
his own victims ???

Shall we not dare to call them racists ,
only because they are semites ???

Shall we not dare to call him racist ,
only because he is semites,
and his accuser is a Iranian
who would like to build Atom-energy ??

Ahmadinejad is not an Anti-Semite ,
his grand-father the Emperor of Persia
released the Jews from the captivity in Babylon,
remember ??

Raja Chemayel
holding a mirror at the West

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