Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Say " Orange Juice" instead........

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the UN anti-racism conference, 20 April 2009

The man who called a spade , a spade !!

I would humbly, and with all the due respect
request from President Ahmadinejad
to be more careful when he mentions
about a racist-regime and a racist-ideology
during a conference on Racism , itself....
he should call Racism : "Orange Juice"
in order not to offend the racists themselves
nor the friends of the racists, too .

Indeed , Israel did not attend
but the friends of that racist-Israel
were attending that conference
and they walked-out of the meeting
a soon as , President Ahmadinejad
spoke about racism and Zionism- Israel.

About a dozen of European delegates
left the room as a sign of protest :
Probably those "white-asses" did not want
to hear somebody naming the racist during
a conference of racism....

The irony remains that a person like Ahmadinejad
is a descendant of a Persian Shah who once
freed all the Jews from captivity in Babylon.
And Ahmadinejad belongs to a religion that
forbids racism and that demand from the beleivers
to protect the Jews (and the Christians too)

While ,
those 12 European delegates are descendants
of the cultures and civilisations that discriminated
and burned the Jews from the year 0060 up to 1945.

While ,
all those 12 European delegates are from
a multitude of christian-churches who
never accepted Judaism and also
used to burn the Jews alive , too.

While ,
all those 12 European delegates represent
all the nations that from the 15Th century up to now
have colonialised and enslaved two-third of the Globe.

Here we are , at the summit of hypocrisy :
During a conference on Racism ,
the Racist cannot be named !!

Therefore ,
and to please those who invented
and practised racism for the last 500 years,
I beg of President Ahmadinejad
not to mention "Israel" anymore
....and just say : Orange Juice.
(or orange Jews !)

Raja Chemayel
anti-racist, anti-zionist, anti-colonialism

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