Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Police-State with the Battle-hardened-Army

Iraq was before the invasion ,
with all the sympathies I carry for it , a Police-State.

That Police-state has had an army that fought
at least eight years , non-stop, against Iran
which is five times bigger.

So we have had,
a Police-State with a battle-hardened- army,
on the eve of the invasion by the USA.

And what do we ,today, see ?

The US-invader wants to "train" and establish
a new-Police and a new-Army.

It is like when the US would invade Austria
and then would teach , or to train , the Austrians
how to dance a Walse....
or like invading Lebanon to teach us how to
dance a Dabkeh.....
or like the USA invading Israel , and teaching
Israelis how to steal land......
or Bush invading Argentina , and teaching there
how to dance a Tango....

Never mind !! ,
do not expect any logic from a Monster
and besides that , we saw that the first major engagement
of the Police against the Insurgents in Basra
produced a huge mass-defection of Policemen who
surrendered their arms to the Mahdi-Army

What next ??
would the USA use , soon ,
the new-Iraqi-Army to invade Syria ??
on behalf of Israel ??

If and when George Bush thinks that the US Public Opinion
is only a bunch of ignorants ......does it mean to George
that all Iraqis were to be idiots , like he probably is ???

Iraq is now , thanks to G.W. Bush , an
un-policeable- state with a battle-hardened- popular-resistance

Sherlock Hommos
trainer for sarcastic-state-of-mind

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