Wednesday, January 30, 2008

How do you call a defeat ?? or Winograd and Stalingrad

Today the Winograd report on Israel's war
in the Lebanon in 2006 has concluded that
"it was not a victory" for Israel .

Did you ever hear or see any victory over
any Liberation-guerrilla or any Liberation-army ,
anywhere, anytime ???

On the day when we bury Dr.George Habash
we are rewarded by the fact that for the first time
Israel admits a "non-victory".........
while , in the language of honesty and sincerity
it is called a "defeat"

I am sure that all persons attending the funerals
of Dr. George Habash have shown their faces
and they did it , also proudly.........
those others who ever will , or will not,
attend the funerals of Ariel Sharon
will surely hide their faces or even ,not show-up at all.......
and that will be Israel's second admitted "defeat"

Winograd might be the Stalingrad of Israel's might.

Long live the Liberation-wars !!
To die for Liberty is to live for ever !!

Raja Chemayel
30 Jan 2008

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