Tuesday, December 1, 2009

News from Amsterdam

 Empty Houses of an empty-ideoligy

my Jewish-Lord- Mayor
of Amsterdam

There are more illegal-Israeli- settlements build
than there are any new (or old) settlers.... ...to live in them.
Israel is building just for the sake of land-expansion.

Since many decades
more Israelis are leaving the State of Israel ,
than there are new-Israelis (Jews) entering it .

Here in the Netherlands
during the last twenty years 45.000 Israeli-citizens
have settled in and around Amsterdam
when only 1.852 have moved out of the Netherlands
into that "Promised-land"
and from those 1.852
some 741 were originally Russian-Jews, in transit,
and 144 were just going there for their retirement (on pension)
and they have kept their Dutch passports.

Sherlock Hommos

The author lives in Amsterdam since 1975
and have witnessed ,since, 4 Jewish Lord-Mayor .

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