Monday, November 30, 2009

The Minarets of Swisserland.....or One Minaret for each 33.000 Muslim !!

  The Poster in Switzerland :
" say yes to Minaret-ban "
This poster issued by a right-wing-party
in Switzerland
has risen a lively discussion.
The Court did not forbid it
or rather
it could not forbid it.
Fair enough,
it does not scare me.
Knowing that Switzerland has
400.000 Muslim inhabitants
and only 12 Minarets
which is one minaret
per 33.300 Muslim-person.
Whereas the highest Minaret
is 12 meters only ( 36 feet)
I wonder if we should not
refill all the holes in the Swiss-cheese
as a signal of protest ?? !!
or ask the right-wing-Swiss for a refund
for the empty their cheese
(and , in their heads). 
Eng. Moustafa  Roosenbloom
Swiss-Cheese- driller

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