Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Love me.....or Livni !!
Hillary´s sister.

Madame Livni
shall refrain from visiting London
there is an international- arrest-warrant
issued against her, for War Crimes !!

Instead ,
and without any problems
Livni could visit

 Amman or Casablanca
and also, Ramallah....
(but not Gaza ,because,
she is allergic for the White-phosphor)

Eng. Moustafa  Roosenbloom
War-Criminals- Catcher

If Mrs. Livni would have stayed
in her grand-father´ s house in Poland
where she would have never become a War-Criminal !!

Coming soon
 to a Justice-Court, near you  !

1 comment:

globe said...


yu said that she could easly visit casablanca ! , yu kiding me not only visit she could take here retirement here (and god bless amir al mouminine .....)

small comment , how autority treat that goes against the zionista gang-->


(i'm moroccan , and i hope one day we could have our independance from the zionista gang.....)