Thursday, December 17, 2009

The first lesson in Theology
the name of Jesus, on the walls of
 this Holy Monument ,
is mentioned and repeated
more than on any other monument
in Jerusalem !!
or even more than
 in Notre Dame Cathedral,in Paris.

The First Lesson in Theology :

God is Allah
Jesus is Issa
Messiah is Massieh
Abraham is Ibrahim
Moses is Moossa
Joseph is Youssef
Mary is Mariam
The Holy-Ghost  is  Rouh el kodoss
Elijah is Elias
Peter is Boutros
Michael is Michaeel
Gabriel is Gibra´eel
Marc is Morkos
Evangil is  Ingeel
Thora is  al Thowrat
Satan is Shaytan

This is not only a lesson in language or in translations
it is about Islam and Christianity which are one religion
with different applications and eventualy with variating rules.

At any rate all the mentioned figures are the same actors,
here and there.......

Never believe anyone who tells you that there is
theoretical-nor any natural-animosities.

Today Islam and Christianity are divided by the cultures only
and by geo-politics , occasionaly.

Raja Chemayel

an Arab-Christian who calls God , Allah !!


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