Saturday, December 26, 2009

Rap...rap , all the first Rap-poem !

When will that acrobat from Rabat

stop pretending to having a piece from Oslo
instead of having any Peace ,
in spite of Oslo.


All is well
that does  end up in Hell
therefore let us not believe in what says Israel
and rather watch the miseries in series
of the deprivations of the a nation.

I tell you , Hamas got class
and M. Abbas ,
may anytime, kiss my ass.

Rap , rap and a double-rap
we all shall resist
and face those fascists-Zionists

Rap , rap and a triple rap
let us lean on Jennin
to close the truth- gap

Rap , rap and another rap
let us all , recall ,
what happened to the other wall.

Rap , rap and no more crap
we are the indigenous, the notorious,
the genuine and the religious
and they are not !!.

Lyrics by :
Raja Chemayel,
rappist and not rapist .
Music by :
Sherlock Hommos , PhD
The Bhamdoun Philarmonic Orchestra
Vocalist :
Moustafa Roosenbloom , Tenor


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