Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dubai , Miracle or Mirage ??
Dubai ,
a Miracle or a Mirage ??

Dubai ,
for sale or for rent.

Why was Dubai ever built ?
and who profited from Dubai ??

What does it do ??
Whom does it serve ??

Money for the Money !!
Houses for the Real-estate
or real-estate for the Greed ??

How else and where else could that fortune be invested ??

Why to dump the Sea for land-reclamation,
when behind you is the vast desert ???

What kind of an national-entity is that,  which is 85% importeted ??

The Sodom of Greed,
the Amora of Capitalism.

Dubai shall not go under , because "
Mohamad Dahlan owns a Hotel there
and Russian wash their money there
and the Saudis go there for alcohol and women
and the Iranians do everything they cannot do at home.....
Dubai ........a brothel of blind-greed! !

All the Gulf-states are artificial
socialy , historicatly and economicaly
and that , President Saddam knew it !!!

Raja Chemayel


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