Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Iraq gets a new constitution.....

the new-faces of Iraq

The Iraqi parliament has just agreed on the new constitution.
Now  , the division is set along the lines of faith
along the lines of sect and along the ethnic lines.

There are now :
three ethnic-Iraqs
and 2 sectarian-Iraq
and five regional-Iraqs
and 7 recognised minorities.

Thank you George Bush , thank you Wolfowitz and Richard Perle !!
Mission accomplished .....indeed .
We have had once one Iraq.....and now there are three !!

I remember the previous constitution
that never did mentioned the ethnic identities
nor was the religious belonging a matter of relevance... ..

The President was a secular-Sunni
with a Christian-vice- president
and a Shiaa-second- vice-President
not because of their religion but because of their talents....

There was one Party , which has had some Short-comings,
but this party was modern,secular and republican.....

Don't you remember it ??............. it was there until 2003...
and the Iraqi President was an ex-revolutionary,
anti-imperialist who build Churches and protected the Synagogues.

Funny !!
today that same parliament includes :
- war lords
- religious scholars (fanatic or not)
- tribal lords
- Mafiosos
- CIA stooges
- smugglers and common criminals, seeking immunity
- run-away-bankers
- mercenary-captains

The previous Parliament has not perfect ,
but at least those , above figures, were excluded.

If you ask me ,
I would say that George Bush fooled us
and that President Saddam is a dead Hero !!!

As they say in old western-cowboys- movies :
"They hanged the wrong man "

Sherlock Hommos
a Nostalgic-realist

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