Monday, December 7, 2009

An insult to cinematography.....

Each clown....... ..has some rights....

There was a lot of tumult
about one Dutch Parliamentarian ( Geert Wilders)
who produced a short-film called "FITNA"
some have found this film as an insult to Islam,

I did not find it as insult to Islam
I only have found this film rather as
an insult  to cinematography
and to the real film-making .

If what Mr. Geert Wilder has  made  is called a " film "
then you may expect an Oscar for my video-holidays- film , next year.
Or the Seventh-Art is no more an Art !!
Or Banality has gained any value !!
Or the Zionists have reached the Dutch-Parliament !!
Or the Western world has ran out of cinematographic- talents !!
Or any combination of the above....... ..

Sherlock Hommos
Film Director and Film critic

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