Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Soon , Israel shall bomb Iran.


Soon , Israel shall bomb Iran
the whole world shall complain
the UN shall condemn it
the USA shall ask for explanations
but......... Israel shall invoke the Holocaust

Husny Mubarak shall blame the Algerian footballers
the Saudi King shall dance until midnight
Sarkozy shall sell Iran the new radars
Russia shall update its own scrab
But Israel shall invoke the Holocaust

Qatar shall send medical help
Dubai shall offer free skying holidays
Syria shall make an alliance with Turkey
and then Turkey shall lead the Muslim world.

Hezbollah shall bomb Haifa and Yaffa
Israel shall bomb Beirut,while avoiding
the palace of Harriri and the villa of the Gemayel´s
and Israel shall invoke the Holocaust , again.

France and Russia shall rebuild the Nuke´s of Iran
with a whole-sale-discount of 15%
Gaza shall reroute its tunnels directly to  Algeria
Abbas shall get a new air-conditioned- Mercedes
as for Israel , it will again invoke the Holocaust,
Ann Frank and the Shoa.....

Bernard Madoff shall get amnesty
and then share a Nobel Prize with Nathaniahu
Hilary shall have a face-lift paid by AIPAC
and Obama shall become as white as Michael Jackson
while Israel,
it shall invoke the Holocaust, again.

Sherlock Hommos

24 Nov.2009


another frustrated person said...

LOL! perfect 'prophecy'! love it.

EricCarwardine said...

I wish Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would revive His blog. He writes very well.

News (Monday, 30th November 2009) is that Iran will construct ten new uranium-enrichment plants. Question is, why only ten?

Eric Carwardine, in Perth, Western Australia