Friday, November 27, 2009

For the sake of satyrical statistics.....

At face value, it looks that in Fort Hood
someone has shot 13 soldiers
they could go to Afghanistan.

At first look ,
we see that it were an American Citizen
who did it  , and who happens to be a Muslim American.

This is a tragedy , I admit.

But to each tragedy comes , also, sometimes a good side
something positive out of a catastrophe.

I shall explain :

The statistics show that a certain percentage of the soldiers
in action abroad gets wounded or gets killed,
Those 13 dead and 18 wounded would never enter into that equation.

But another equation must be taken into consideration
whereas ,  the statistics show us that for each
Western-soldier present in Afghanistan
we find around 6,78% of dead Afghans
and 23,73% of wounded Afghans .
( not to mention the bombing of the Weddings)

In other words ,
and for the sake of Satyrical-Human- Statistics
we shall notice that :
88 Afghans have had their lifes saved now
and 427 Afghans shall not get wounded .
( and probably one more wedding shall survive, too )

Who ever did that shooting in Fort Hood
has also managed to have (13+18 = 31) US Soldiers
not ending as War Criminals, in the service of neo-imperialism .

So bad news , sometimes , may have also a positive side .

Sherlock Hommos


EricCarwardine said...

I'm reminded of the statistic (I didn't note the country) that 17 percent of road fatalities are caused by drivers who are intoxicated. This means that a whopping 83 percent are caused by drivers who are not intoxicated. Therefore, in the interests of reducing road fatalities, all driving should be done by persons who are blind drunk.

Which is hardly helpful advice for those who abstain from drinking intoxicants. For these people I suggest they keep death off the roads by driving on the footpath.

Statistics has a similar solution to worrying about sharing an aircraft with a bomb-carrying traveller. The solution is to seek permission to carry your own bomb on board the aircraft. Mathematicians have calculated that the probability of two or more independent bomb-carriers on the same aircraft is infinitely small. About as small as the probability of being allowed to carry a bomb on board.

Note that I decline use of the term "terrorist", as this is easily confused with "terror-wrist", which is a popular term for a spin-bowling cricketer. See the news item at "Embarrassment-card now an 'Australia Card'?"

Eric Carwardine, in Perth, Western Australia

Anonymous said...

I carry my bomb in my mind and never in my hand-luggage...

Raja Chemayel