Wednesday, April 13, 2011

the meaning of " Mafia"

The  definition of " MAFIA " :
" A group of organised-criminals-persons  committing crimes ,
which benefit their own group ,
to the detriment of other innocent-persons "

The common knowledge accuses the Sicilians to be Mafia
but , indeed , a Mafia could be of any nation or any race or any religion.

Alaskan-taxi-drivers could form a Mafia
Venitian-Vegetarians could form a Mafia
Belgian-philanthropists could form a Mafia
Theatre-owners could form a Mafia
Oil-Companies could form a Mafia
Zionists are already a (rich) Mafia

Sherlock Hommos
promoter of wider-meaning-of-thing

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Anonymous said...

THE most powerful of all mafias are the international urban homosexuals or the gay mafia!
A few years ago, at New York's Columbia University, "Nejad was roundly attacked, not by the Zionists but by the gays. An event that I will never forget. For it displayed the true powers in New York. The Zionists deferred to their gaylords.