Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Persecution of Persia

Persia ,
when, Europe knew not yet how to write
and when the USA did not even exist.

Iran might sent it missiles to Tel Av iv , any day now......... ...
I hope it will not kill more Arabs than Israelis.
The bigger the explosion will be, the more Arabs will die.
There is no spot in Israel where it is "Arabs-free".....

Gaza has 1,5 million Arabs
Israel has about 1,1 million Arabs
the West Bank has 2 millions
Jerusalem has 300.000 Arabs- Palestinians

so where should Iran drop them ??

On the other side , when the USA and or Israel
shall send its Missiles and Bombs into Iran
the results will be more efficient, to the USA.

Therefore my feeling is that the USA and Israel
have more to win and more to gain ,
in that future-war.

Unless ,
Iran would rather bomb the Oil-fields in the Gulf
because I assume that the USA would rather defend its dear Oil
instead of defending Tell Aviv....or Ashkalon or Naharia..... .

Anyhow ,
who am I , to predict anything ??

Switch on your TV next Friday evening at 21.35 hrs GMT
John McCain will announce ,his own, war on Terrorism
and the Operation "Persecute Persia" will start.

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
Persian-Press- Predictor
12Th. of July 2008

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