Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mugabe or Mubarak

and its
Hippopotamus. ..

Mugabe and Mubarak
neither has ever lost any election yet
but one is definitively better than the other.

Mugabe and Mubarak
one has liberated his country
the other has re-enslaved it to the West.

Mugabe and Mubarak
one fought ,liberated and won
and the other got his job only because
he was, accidentally. the vice-president
when the traitor-president got shot.

Mugabe and Mubarak
the first kicks the same spot
of the neo-colonialists,
which the second kisses,

Mugabe and Mubarak,
one is hated by the West
and the other
is sponsored by the West.

Make your choice !!

Raja Chemayel
I have always chosen Gamal Abdel Nasser.
13. July 2008


globe said...

Mr Rajaa ,
with my respect due to you, yu call a sadaat a "the traitor-president"
euhhh , the guy give a lesson to tsahal in 73, with no weapon ! in comparison to what the ennemy got !!
Ok , he went to the knesset ! but did he have a choice?
i mean "the traitor" is a certain king that tell the israeli when the attack in 1973 will begin !, and another one who went to officially visit israel .... ,
you are harch with saddat a little bit !!?

by the way , i love yur blog :)

thanks for making it :)

Raja said...

he who signs any Peace-agreement with the invader and opressor and occupier must be a Traitor......yes he is not the only one !! but nevertheless a Traitor like King Hussein and Mahmoud Abbas also.


globe said...

"he who signs any Peace-agreement with the invader and opressor and occupier must be a Traitor......"
ok a phrase full of logic, but did he have an alternative choice ? if yes, what was it ?

Raja said...

Dear Globe ,

one does not make a "wrong choice" when one has no choice !!

Heros are never traitors and that is why they live much shorter.....and the one who lived the longest was King Hussein
and the one who lived too short was President Saddam

my respects !!