Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Guess who was at that Parade ??

only the uniforms , differ...... .!!

Some French-politicians have expressed their dismay
and objection about the presence of President al Assad
in Paris recently during the Conference and the Parade of 14Th July.

I must accept their opinion,
first because of Freedom of opinions
and secondly , because I am not the owner of Paris.

But I wounder if those human-rights- activists
would have looked closely at the Presidential Tribune.
to see that President Assad was not the only "dictator" attending.

He was the youngest one ,
thus others would have done more
naughty things in their lives
..........n' est ce pas ?? mon cher ami.

But there was also a chosen-Tyrant
(or the chosen- human-rights- abuser)
and he was not disturbing those same
French-democracy- lovers.
Not only he was the chosen-guest. ....
he was the holder of
the longest wall
the longest siege
the longest ethnic-cleansing
the longest expansion
the longest aggression
and longest occupation.

Funny !!
how could they have missed noticing him ???
were all, human-rights- activists, so short-sighted ??
or simply one-side-short-sighted ??

Sherlock Hommos
observateur des observations obscenes
observer of the obscene observations

17 July 2008

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