Friday, January 14, 2011

a Message for those who fear Al Shari´aa

The Bordeaux , shall not fear.....

Al Shari'aa is ,not more nor less ,
than a religious-law governing the way Muslim-persons
must go about with their daily lives and how to interact
with other Muslims and with the non-Muslims , as well.
This Shari'aa ,all by itself, requires and demands that
the non-Muslims should not be affected ( nor ruled)  by it.
Therefore the Shari'aa could never "harm" any non-muslim !!!.
I am writing those lines from Tehran,Iran
where I am having a nice dinner at an
Iranian-Armenian-christian- friends home.
We are drinking ( home made) wines
because the Shari'aa allows it ,
or better said ,it does not forbid
for Christians to make and to drink wine
or any other alcohol. ( only at home)
In other words ,
if ever the Shari'aa shall rule France , some day,
you would still find Bordeaux in Bordeaux
and the Calvados in Normandy.
Sherlock Hommos
Cheers !! from a cold Tehran.

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