Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The real Issue

In this undated photo, originally posted on a Facebook page belonging to Eden Aberjil, and taken from the Israeli blog site sachim.tumblr.com, an Isra
Israel's latest  "smoke screen "
as if we did not know
what they already are .
Every now and then ,
we hear about a new scandal in the Israeli society.
and the lastest is just yesterday when one soldier posted her photos
so proudly among humiliated Palestinian "prisoners "
This is true............but at the same time it is a deviation
from the real issue, which not only how inhumane is Israel.....
in fact the real issue is :
did Israel ever have had the right to exist ??
But , now that it exists ,
they do not want us to ask this question anymore,
they just keep us busy talking and watching Israel's daily atrocities.....
I say , and repeat ,
that Israel ought to pack-and-go !!
back to Lithuania , Latvia, Poland and Wall Street !!
Raja Chemayel

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