Monday, January 5, 2009

An Israeli-civilian....??

The spokeswoman of Israeli Ministry of defence
was explaining to the BBC,
why some civilians in Gaza are being targeted ??
she said :
"when those civilians are stoking in their home-cellars
rockets and missiles for Hamas, we cannot consider them
as being civilians anymore ......I am also a civilian and I do not
have missiles and rockets hiding in home -cellar......" .

I saw this lady on the TV ,
(and not being myself a blind person) ,
I saw her wearing a military-uniform ( of a Major)
while officially representing a ministry of defence.
And to be more precise , a ministry of defence
of an aggressing-country that did not do anything else
than aggression and occupation the last 60 years.

This lady claims now to be now "a civilian ",
and that , therefore ,
"she has no missiles in her cellar at home"
(because , most probably she has those missiles in her office).

The Conclusion :
an Israeli, wearing his or her military uniform
while being interviewed by TV cameras (and not by a radio)
and claiming that she or he is a civilian,

must be believed...! !!.

(Indeed , in that case , such a clown does really represent Israel !!)

Sherlock Hommos

NB :

this Lady Major was on BBC-World TV News

on 03. Jan 2008 interviewed by Luise Ducetat at 20.00 hrs.