Friday, January 9, 2009

Dear Venezuelans !!!

Father and Son
Dear Venezuelans !!
Would you please send us one (left) old shoe of President Chavez
and we shall send you as an exchange ,
President Husny Mubarak, himself .
You may use him , as you wish ,
he is multi-functional
and has many faces, too.
He can also become the gardener for the US Embassy
to pick up the shit of the US-Ambassador' s dog.
He has plenty of experience , in that field.
As a matter of fact , he does nothing else ,
in his normal daily life
Thank you , and please remember to disinfect
the Israeli-embassy , now that it is empty.
Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom


fatima said...

i love the letter Dear Venezuelans . Ha ha . Bravo.
Yes the speech of Chavez and his foreign minister had more COmpassion and urgency than the bland cold message from Abbas who blamed the resistance .
Bravo . I like your blog a lot .

globe said...

lol, nice one :d

ATW said...

You continue to amaze me.. and that's a good thing! I enjoy reading your blog.

I have sent a Salute to Bolivia and Venezuela as well as Hosni Mobarak. Please visit and see what I mean (