Friday, March 4, 2011

The religion of an ennemy

Look what Islam
and those Arabs
have once done to (Spain) Europe !!

The West would like to blame the Arabs for being Muslims ,
as if Islam were to be a disadvantage
or some kind of a social-failure.

What would happen if and when
we Arabs shall,one day,
start to  blame the Israelis for being all Jews  ???
or  to blame the Colonialists for being all Christians  ???

Let us compare and evaluate
what did  Islam contribute to the whole of humanity
and simultaneously ,
to analyse the role of Judaism and the Jews on this planet  ??

I leave this assessment to each of you, 
objectively and individually.

But  would like to ask you,
if reiincarnation does exist ,
whether you would like,
to be re-born as a Jew or as a Muslim  ???
or ,you would like to be re-born ,
as an  Israeli or as an Arab-Palestinian ??

Raja Chemayel
born happily as an Arab-Christian in a Muslim-Arab-society.

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