Thursday, March 3, 2011

Christian Dior and Anti-semitism

Photo by
 Jaso<span id=

a nice moustache !!!

This man does not , obviously,  like the "Jews ",
and he said so.......
therefore he just lost his Job
and even face a trial !!.

Christain Dior , his employer,
must be looking now for
a new Chief-Designer.

I wonder whether Christian Dior
has more Arab-Customers
than the Jewish customers ??
or probablement , the inequality and the bias
 have reached la Haute Couture ,
encore !!.

 La Haute Couture
and the Jewish-arrogance & supremacy
do not match.

The incident was that,
 this man
"insulted" a non-Jew-lady
by comparing her............ to a "Jew"and mentioning Adolf.

Conclusion :
a non-jew is not allowed
to accuse another non-jew
of being a "Jew"  !!

That would be , un peu trop , anti-Semitique !!!!
n´est ce pas ??

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom

The irony is that chief-designer
if caught by Adolf , for being a "non-fanatically-male-person"
he would also have ended up in a Camp.
And his family would never get
a German-war-compensation, today.

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