Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kabul and Baghdad did not fall.
How can they expect any victory ?? from those.....

Recently ,
the Taliban have targeted the down-town-area of Kabul.
It is a symbolic-victory knowing that Talibans do anyhow have
the upper-hand only outside the Afghan cities...... .
So the USA and its brave allies are " back to start "
or are simply back to nowhere.
We all knew that the Western-forces cannot win politically nor morally ,
but eventually,and by some miracle, they could win militarily.
This is not the case and the Talibans are coming back to Kabul.

Now , today ,
we have the confirmation that this miracle shall not take place,
because wisdom tells us : " You cannot bomb an idea "

between the Euphrates and the Tiger , politicians are considering
allowing the members of the Baath party to re-enter
onto the political arena and to participate in the elections.

However they shall allow the "Baathist" but not the "Saddamist"
according to their spokesman.
Which resembles ,for example, to a ban on the leninists
but with a license to the communists.
Here  is a miracle in the making which is closer to absurdity
when we remember that Iraq was invaded because it was Baathist,
and for nothing else.

" you cannot bomb an ideology !! "

Kabul and Baghdad did not fall , after all.

How could the USA hope for  victory or even for a success
when Talibans and or  Baathist do come back  ??? .

The Baath-party, anyhow, is now the only salvation for Iraq,
while,  Afghanistan deserves better than the Talibans,
but who am I to judge the inevitable and the obvious ??

Raja Chemayel


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