Friday, January 29, 2010

The Burqa , in the land of Francoise Sagan
 the French-revolution decapitated its King
to replace him by an Emperor...

In France , a parliamentarian committee is preparing a  
project for a law  that will forbid Muslim women 
to wear the Burqua or any veil that will hide their  faces.

Although , I would like to  forbid any forbidding ,
I can see the practical side of doing so.

But France has about 2 million Muslims 

where one million would be the women
out of whom only 2000 women would hide their faces 

in such an unnecessary and un-islamic way. 

Which means that 0,002% of the french-muslim- women 

may have used it , so far.......
or one lady out of each 5.000 french-muslim- women !!

I must express my admiration and my astomishement 

for the French-law-makers who bother to make a tailor-made- law  
which concerns only  0,002% of its muslim population, exclusively,
and to be more accurate, it concerns 0,0000073% of its total population.. ..
which actualy concerns one person out of each 325.000 French-citizen.

Statistically speaking ,
you may compare the effectiveness this law,  to a law regarding
-all the one-legged-french- men-whose- grand-father´ s name 

was Pierre.
or to
-all the french-women who married on a Tuesday-afternon 

whith a guy called Jacques.

Anyhow ,as a revenge ,
Muslims countries ought to forbid to their French-christian- minorities
to eat the frogg-legs with a falafel-sauce.

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom

statiscal-researche r

PS :
I  wonder what ZORO has to say....?
he is not a french-muslem- woman
but he defends the poor and the weak !!


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