Friday, January 7, 2011

The clash of civilisations ??..........or the clash of identities ??
Which lady is the Jew-Arab-lady 
from Yemen  ??

If and when
the " Clash of civilisations" shall take place,
on whose side shall the Israelis stand ??
East or West ??

If the Israeli-citizens were to be the "chosen-people"
then they ought to stand with the Eastern-civilisation-culture.

But apparently,
Israel is " the spear-head of the Western-civilisations,"
therefore the Israelis ought to be ,consequently, with the West.

The State of Israel is the product of the West,
culturally , politically  and genetically.

Which makes Israel an integral-part of Europe
which was artificially planted in the Near East.

Thus , the myth of being the "Chosen-people"
would become a contradiction to the facts,
a case of a stolen identity.

If and when the modern-time-Israelis were to be
those once " Chosen-people" , they would be the first
to promote and to defend Eastern-culture and the Eastern-values !!
which was never the case, by far  .

I leave the final conclusion to you ,
I have made mine long time ago
when I saw the blue-eyes of the Israelis
when I heard the russian-music they played...
Israel is a replica of South-Africa
on the west-side of the Jordan !
The white-South-Africans did not become black
nor did the Israelis become Semites !!

Raja Chemayel
a Semite

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