Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I had a Pirate on my phone .....today

my newly acquired customers ,
from Somalia......all applying for a Job in Israel

My phone ran..... !!

Hello yes , I said.

The man on the other end....... said :
is that you ??

I replied :
of course it is me ,

who else did you expect, when you call me  ??
and who is talking ?? please

My name is irrelevant
but my profession is very much so ,
said the other deep voice......

What profession would that be ??, I asked.
I hope you are not a tax-collector , or a Dentist  !!

No at all !! ,
I am a Pirate from Somalia
and I need your help , knowing that you have a way with
your sarcasm and  with your political-satyrs.

How did you find out about me ,
and what brings you here ????  I enquired firmly.
are you reading in my Blog ??

The Pirate said :
I need you to help me to draw a comparison
with our piracy- activities and the operations Israel does
on the international-waters......
and to focus on the immunity and impunity on the Israeli side.
How do they succeed ??
and we ,  the Somalians , end up in prisons each time ???

You have to pay me for that advice , I am not cheap,
and I usually charge to the terrorist-organisations for my PR services
can you afford me ??

I shall give you 25% of my next robbery.....
unless it is a ship with toxic-waist
coming to unload on our shores......
answered that Pirate.

Never mind , I said ,
I shall help you this time for free
provided you let pass my next shipment of  enriched uranium
destined for Iran .....ok ??

It is a deal !!
tell us now what to say...... and what to do ??
to get immunity and impunity for us, the Somalian-pirates,
as if we were the Israelis......
replied joyfully that deep voice.

Well , it is not that complicated  ,
it is just a bit of mystisism and cheap-naiivety :
You must declare that you, the Pirates of Somalia,
are the 13Th. Lost Tribe of Israel
and that you need to steal those ships only to finance
your return to the promised land , by Air ,
first-class tickets with Egypt-Air, via Zurich first
to deposit the exxess of earned cash .

Wounderfull !!,
and do you think Israel would accept Pirates ??
asked me,  that increasenly happy voice.

My dear Pirates like you in Israel , are not an exception !!
it is rather the standart-rule......
So remember carefully :
you are the 13Th  Lost Tribe

and you are the cousins of those Ethiopian-Fallasha
and you firmly beleive in the Western-democracy´s values.
That will do !!

I hanged up.........
and called immediatly my office in Tehran
to coordinate our next shipment of enriched-uranium
which will be ready next 4th of July......


Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
advisor to any and all evil.....

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