Monday, August 27, 2007

"Why do they hate us ??"


" Why do they hate us ?? "
is the most asked question
in the USA
and in the UK
probably also.......

I personally do not hate the USA nor the UK
but I would like to see both of them castrated,
and I mean it , militarily-castrated.

I would never fly my aeroplane through any building in New York
nor would I use the services of the London Underground.

No Sir !!
I only would like when each, USA + UK ,
would call back all their troops ,
armies and Navy....back home .

It happens at many times when those monsters
would have more military might , outside their own territories
than inside it.......... ....and that is called , by any dictionary,
aggression , or better...... ...said Hegemony
the good-old-standard- colonialism !!!

As a camouflage they may use blue helmets
of the United Nations',
from time to time,
but the effect is the same.....

it is the "modern-day- colonialism. "

Stop for a while and reflect and calculate how many US soldiers
were outside the USA , on September the 10Th 2001 ??
and what were they doing outside their own home land ???
whatever they were actually doing , was serving only their own hegemony....
even if they were on a fishing-trip or even a picnic,outside their borders.

If the USA and the likes of it , are anything else but evil ,
why would they need such a military might ??
Aggression starts by the militarism !!

In the meantime
more British died in Iraq than inside the London Metro......
more US-soldiers died in Iraq than the US-civilians in New-York's 911

And who started it all ???
Saddam Hussein ??
Mother Teresa ??
Oussama Ben Ladin ??
Michael Jackson ??
or rather,
all of George Bush's predecessors ???

Why does Oussama Ben Laden hate the USA ??
Why does any extremist and even any moderate
Third-World- free-thinker hate that same USA ??
Is it because
Americans are born to be hated ??
or Filipinos and Palestinians are born to be enslaved ??
or Hugo Chavez is born to die poor ???
or Muslims are born to liberate the world from Christian-supremacy ??

I hate my mother-in-law more than the USA,
but when each of them would mind his own rightful business
my hate shall then disappear .....

The same goes for the State of Zion,
which should have never existed

not on this planet anyhow...... .......
but only in some fairy-books and some libraries
and some mystical-fantasies

somewhere were that State of Zion would not harm God's children
like in a Cinderella's story....... ......

Nobody hates a Cinderella.. .......
except the USA's government

who would like her to remain exploited !!! for ever ....

Sherlock Hommos
hating all the hatred...... ... but very selectively. ....

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