Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Love your Neighbour

Why to create the State of Israel ?

is it to find a place where to dump away
all your own Jewish-neighbour ??

Why to support the state of Israel ?
is it to be sure that all Jews will stay in one place
and will not come back to where they came from ??

Why to create a Jewish-only- state ??
are the Jews to be treated as an unwanted-speecies
which has to be isolated in one place ??

If you love Jews , or at least, if you do not mind
having a Jew as a neighbour ....why then exiling them
in a foreign land which is not theirs.....and never was !!

The most unsafe place on this earth for the Jews
is being called "the Jewish-state" ......

Where is to be found , the most-threatened- Jew ??
In Caracas or in Tell Aviv ??
In Brooklyn or in Tel Aviv ??
In Amsterdam or in Tel Aviv ??
Even a Jew in Cairo or in Casablanca is safer than a Jew in Tel Aviv !!

One of the ten commandments was :
"Love your neighbour ! "
and not
" put your neighbour in a quarantine !"

The State of Israel is the worse solution to a pure western-problem
which it has had with its own western-Jewish- minority. ......

Me and 5 other million Palestinians are innocent from that drama....
and we are , rather , the victims of the victims !!

Raja Chemayel

29 of August 2007

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Ben Heine said...

Dearest Raja,
thanks so much for your fantastic and committed writing.
I have posted your last one "Love Your Neighbour" on my Deviant Art page :
(with sveral links to your blog)