Saturday, September 1, 2007



Shaikh Moqtada El Sadr has commanded to his Mehdy-Army
to observe a one-sided-cease- fire for a period of six months......

The US-Marines are very touched by this gesture
and shall stop shelling whole cities
and stop flattening whole villages
also for six months...... ..

The Mossad , although not existing,
shall stop planting the bombs in crowded market-places
during only the Saturdays (Sabbath)
during those same six months.

The multinational- mercenaries shall come forward with
a most humane gesture and shall no more charge for over-time
during those six months , as a sign of good-will... ..

The (Iraqi) Government and ministers shall during this period
refuse all bribes and shall shut-down all corruption efforts
during the official office hours....... ....six months long !!

Exception will be made for the Oil Industry ,
because ,if one stops the stealing for six months ,
it will be disastrous for the Free-marked- system... ......

MI5 and MI6 shall also stop all subversive activities in Basra
and in the South in general.

Al Qua'eeda shall make a retreat to Langley,Virginia
for a refresher-course at the CIA head-office.

Finally , the Kurds not knowing where to go ,
nor knowing whom to trust anymore ,
will stick to their training-camps
where the all courses are given in Hivrit.

All in all , it is a positive step
which shall give each of the components of this tragedy
the time to reflect and ask to oneself:

why am I liberating my country ?? from the "liberators"


why am I occupying another man's country ?? which never harmed mine.


what does genocide has to do with the spreading-democracy ??


how could the plundering Iraq-resources stop the global-terrorism ??


how come we became worse than the ones we accused of brutal-dictatorship ??

Anyhow 6 months is an abstraction. ......
and a cease-fire is a very temporary act of balance..... .

Eng . Moustafa Roosenbloom

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