Thursday, September 6, 2007

" Judeo-Christianity"


Recently, pseudo-historians and pseudo-sociologist
and with the help of confirmed-idiots
have used the above expressions, very frequently.

I, for one, deny such a terminology
because it is a contradiction in terms,
and is even a "non-term".

This composed-word
is made of two antagonistically different entities
which did not and could not , nor should not become one……

Let us a recall when did Christianity and Judaism meet
for the first time…….
And I remember that the first Christian was nailed to a Roman Cross
as a favor to the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem………
And if we consider that the closure of Auschwitz-Ovens (1945)
was the last recorded encounter between Christians and Jews……
I see only blood and hate encounters:
Jews robbing and cheating on Christians
And (western) Christians slaughtering
and or discriminating those same Jews

So how and when could anyone speak
of Judeo-Christian-civilization ??
Pogroms were made by Russian Christians
Inquisitions were made by Spanish Christians
Nazi Germany was 100% a Christian society and culture,

To say Judeo-Christian-culture is like saying :
A cow-and- slaughterhouses-culture .
To say Judeo-Christian-history is like saying :
A Bank-robbers-and the Bankers-History
To say Judeo-Christian- civilization is like saying
A Mozart's and an Attila-Symphony .

Must I remind each of us that , on this planet ,
the only safe place for Jews is ( or was)
when Jews were living among the Arabs, as Arab-citizens.

Only until 1948 ,
unfortunately……..until when Zionism took over from Judaism
and it created The State of Israel
on the tombs of the Palestinians-Arabs……

Am I reinventing history here ?
or just recalling it .

The expression or the terminology “Judeo-Christian” is absurd.
There was never such a thing…..
it was always Judeo versus Christian versus Judeo versus Christian
the Jews….etc….etc…
It started with Jesus of Nazareth
and has ( hopefully) ended with Adolph Hitler , hopefuly !

Next time you hear or read that senseless expression ,
remember please that “Judeo-Arab” has had a better history
and it was a sublime experience and a superior
and humane encounter.

Judaism is far better off under Islam
and or under Arabism
History has proven this in the past
and on several occasions, repeatedly.

Forget “Judeo-Christianity”
it is a very recent-western-Zio- invention ,
a smoke screen, a false confession……..
just to camouflage a bloody past…….
to hide endless-intolerance , endless-atrocities ,
lies and genocides.

Raja Chemayel
A Christian Arab
Or better said : an Arab Christian !!

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