Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Mount Hermon

Abraham stood on the top of Mount Hermon
when coming from his Iraq........ ....
and according to the Bible , Good would have told him:
" look at this land which I shall give to you...."

Question :
Was Abraham looking East or West ?
North or South ?
or did Abraham look 360 degrees around him ?

From Mount Hermon's Top
you can see Damascus and Beirut and Tel Aviv
so which way God wanted Abraham to look on ??

besides that fact,
when Abraham was standing there and looking
Syria was inhabited , Lebanon was inhabited
and Palestine was also inhabited... .

So my second question would be :
did Good , almighty, ask Abraham to steal
the land of the Phoenicians
or the land of Arameans
or to steal the land of the Canaanites ??
who were to be the "chosen-victims" ?
in that case.

History teaches us that
when Abraham came to that Land
and when Moses arrived to that Land
and when David Ben Gorion robbed that same land ,
it was always inhabited
and populated by peaceful people
who never harmed anybody
and especially not harmed Abraham
nor Moses nor even Ben Gorion .

So I must assume that the Bible is misinterpreted
or misreported or simply misused

Unless God wanted to punish
the innocent "Chosen-victims"
by sending over a thief
called David Ben Gorion and his gang of Zionists
the irony remains that Ben Gorion
is not a grand-child of Abraham
while Yasser Arafat and Ismail Haniyyah, are .
Raja Chemayel
a lucky Phoenician
because Abraham looked "the other way..."
Sept. 8th.2007

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