Saturday, June 16, 2007

And the winner is.................

From: raja chemayel

Hamas and Abbas do not agree on anything, anymore
Hamas has confiscated all the air-conditioned- Mercedes of Abbas
Abbas has cloned a new Government with instant-ministers
out of the deep-freezer...

Democracy and the free-clean-elections-results
are taken over by the "moderate"

Those " moderate " who benefited of the blessings of ( R&R )
Rice and Rumsfeld are taking over the reigns of the prison.

Hamas will be declared as illegal by a Palestinian President
or to be more accurate by a moderate-Palestinian-President

Again we see a striking-similarity with the Lebanese-scene
where the Parliament who voted for the extension of the mandate
of the Presidency , want him , today, to leave earlier,
When in Palestine the President wants the government to leave earlier.
a perfect Mirror-picture............

Give me the Baghdad-formula anytime !!
there you have ustopia at work.......

a Puppet President never bothering the Puppet-Prime-Minister
creating a idealistic background for Muslims to burn each others
mosques and to bring the Christian-Iraqis so desperate that they leave
and emigrate to other Christian-countries who will treat them very soon
as "Arabs"...or rather as "Ayyrabs".......anyhow !

Back to Gaza ,
and to the fear of a division of Palestine
as if anything else has ever happened since 1948 !
as if when the in-mates of a huge prison fight among each other
to get the best prison-cells for themselves......
Hamas get a prison-cell with a view on the Mediterranean sea
and Abbas gets a prison-cell with a view on Jerusalem.

And the (real) winner is.........
third place the Fiji-Islands
second place Nicaragua
and the first place , the State of Zion !!

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
real-estate agent for prison-cells
16Th of June....40 years later.........and still nowhere !

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