Friday, June 15, 2007

How to change the Majority

From: raja chemayel

In the Lebanon
there are 3 ways to reach a Parliamentarian Majority
1- Saad el Hariri usually buys them , at a wholesale price.
2- but his opposition blows them up , probably.
3- someone , who does not like both ,
does blow them up
and put the blame on Syria.
But if you blame Syria !!
you cannot go wrong,
because the USA will back you up
you will be called a "Democracy-lover-promoter-moderate"
and the EU shall pump a lot of money , up yours !
But if you blame Israel and/or the CIA
you will be called Axis of Evilor you will end up on the waiting-list
for a Guantanamo Bay Holidays.....
All this resembles Palestine today,
although in reverse order , where,
Mahmoud Abbas does the Job for Shin-Bet
in order to regain a Government of Majority.
So comparatively I say:
In Palestine the Majority for governance
can be reached by 2 ways only
:1- with the help of Shin-Bet
or2- with the help of M. Abbas and M. Dahlan
And in both cases , here also, you can blame Syria
and get all the related benefits......
and the good news is !!
that Saad el Hariri cannot buy Palestinian politicians
and M. Dahlan cannot compete with the Lebanese-power-Mafiosos.
and the bad news is :
yesterday and today Israel has enjoyed its best days in its short history :
1- Iraq is divided and its mosques are burning.
2- Lebanon is pulling up its sleeves ready for a Civil War
3- Palestinian civil war has started
4- Syria is in the accused box of a Kangaroo Tribunal
5- Iran will be bombed before it finishes building shelters, let alone building that A- Bomb
6- all Presidential Candidates in USA are lining up to ask for Israel's blessings.
7- Simon Perez becomes the President instead of being sent to the Hague International Criminal Court.
8- Ariel Sharon did not wake up from his coma.
Sherlock Hommos
15Th of June........40 years later

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