Wednesday, June 13, 2007

15% evil , is less than 121%.....

From: raja chemayel

Assuming thatthe Holocaust did actually happen
completely and exactly as the mainstream media has presented it.

Then we shall say that 40 million Nazi-Germans have
exterminated 6 million Jews.
Which is a ratio of 15%

Now let us compare this 62 years old Tragedy
to the contemporary victims of the State of Israel
otherwise known as Zionist-Israel .
4 Million Israelis have killed (in 60 years) about 120.000 Palestinians
and exiled another 850.000 refugees who became today
around the 2 millions refugees and another 2 million-dead-alive, like what the occupied-Palestinian today are . It adds up to around 4.850.000 victims
Which brings us to a ratio of 121%

If the humanity or rather if the inhumanity could be
calculated or could be rated arithmetically,
I would say that Nazi-Germany produced 15% criminality
Zionist-Israel produced 121% criminality
and or that
Zionist are 8 times worst than the Nazis, were to be .

Add to this tragedy the fact that the Zionists
are still non-stop-active and we all watch this on the TV , daily.

Raja Chemayel
not a revisionist but simply a realist
who likes arithmetical-argumentation.
13Th of June 2007

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