Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The best horse in the race...

From: raja chemayel

Some accuse Fateh el Islam to be a pseudo-militia
planted by the CIA and Saudi Arabia in concert with
the Harriri Clan.....
I am one of those accusers.

Others ,
namely Harriri+CIA+Saudi accuse the same
Fateh el Islam to be a pseudo-militia planted by Syria .

I do not believe in this propagandist-theory.....

Why ??

Because Hezbollah is qualitatively and quantitatively
stronger and bigger and mightier than even
the Lebanese government's apparatus and Army.
Hezbollah even defeated Israel , in many cases.

And , at the same time , Hezbollah is a ally to Syria ,
which is a compliment to Syria itself.....

So my question would be :
When Hezbollah and Syria are anyhow
allied tactically and or strategically
then why would Syria still needs Fateh el Islam.

Second question :
when even Al Qua'eeda was once build on Saudi-Dollars
and on CIA logistics , then why not Fateh el Islam ??? also.

Conclusion :
when you have the best horse in a race
you do not bet on the seventh-grade-horse !!

Sherlock Hommos

expert on loosing horses ...
12Th of June 2007

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