Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How innocent are the civilians ???
a Palestinian-civilian....
and.......the Israeli-civilians.

is a soldier while on leave ,
a civilian
or a military-target ??

when a freedom-fighter is at home
does he count as being civilian ??

when an Army-reservist is on holidays
does he count also as a military-target ??

when a reservist-occupier is building
on an occupied-land,
what do we call him ??
( a civilian-expansionist ??)

what about an army-reservist
who is driving his bulldozer
over our olive-trees
over our occupied-lands,
while carrying his personal-machine- gun ,
does he also need a military-protection ??
(or is he simply ,a civilian-bulldozerist ?)

Palestinian kids going to school
and learning about their history
would they become :
freedom-activist ??

  are Israeli-civilians allowed to shoot
on our activist ??
just in case our civilian-activist
shall get ,someday,
the same gun as his occupier  ??

Who may kill whom
what legalises a murder ?

Does a uniform and a flag
allow assassinations ??

Does the Torah allow theft  ??

Does the Koran ask us to accept
our oppressors  ??

Does my Bible allow me to only watch
the injustice and the rapes ?

who  are those civilians ??
are all the civilians innocents ??

Raja Chemayel


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