Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How to weaken Science.

Those democratizers. ..
invited the Mossad.

 Baghdad, one restaurant less
means...... one scientist less.

When any Iraqi-scientist went to a restaurant
or to a coffee-shop,
the Mossad blew up the whole place.....!!

Ten or more by-standers were killed
and about another 50 were injured.

The scientist died, "accidentally"
and no accusations were made against this targeted-assassination ,
simply because it was reported as a: " Terrorist attack ".

Then, if the victims were Shiaa , they blamed the Sunnis
and if the victims were Sunnis the Shiaa got the blame.

If the victims were Shiaa and Sunnis ,
then they would blame the Kurds....
In the meantime one precious-Iraqi- scientist was dead
and 20 by-standers too..

In his biography,  David Ben Gourion , admitted
putting bombs in the Synagogues of Baghdad , Cairo
and Alexandria (1945-1950). ........
so what else is new ??

The Iraqi society has lost about 150 scientists
all "   by accident " and anonimously, in the crowd.

Next time you enter a public place in Baghdad ,
be sure that there are no scientists in it ,
having his Tea,  or a Tikka......

Sherlock Hommos

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