Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hommos in Prague

This is were my mother-in-law lived !!

My wife and I went to visit her family in Prague, this week.

Travelling with your own wife , you must also plan time for shopping
otherwise your wife might ask ,soon ,for a divorce.......!!

So we went shopping at a huge shopping-Mal.

The fourth floor of that shopping-Mal has had 16 restaurants
and 4 coffee-shops.

One of the restaurants was a Lebanese one
and I could not resist,
the smell of falafel , hommos or shaworma.....

I went there alone , while my wife contributed
to the world consumer-economy-cyclus
and I ordered a good and gorgeous meal.

I noticed that among all the 19 other places , on that same floor,
this Arab-restaurant was the only one with a
pointed at it......
so as to watch all people coming in and out of it.

Which led me to conclude that the security-experts have figured out
that any " potential-terrorist " would first come to eat a Hommos
before hijacking a tramway ,or an elevator ,or anything else.

But the joke was, 
that 2 tables in that same restaurant were  filled
with Israeli-tourists agitated and speaking loudly.....as usual.

I have no other explanation as to why Mc.Donald nor KFC
nor any 16 others restaurants
did not have such an observation- camera ????

And incidentally ,
the Greek-restaurant on that same floor ,
has also had Shaworma and Hommos !!!
But no Cameras !! and no Israeli-tourists , neither.

So why to discriminate between our Hommos
and the Greek-Hommos ??.........

next time you are in Prague ,
wear your sunglasses and put on a false moustache
if you want to eat ,  incognito, a real-hommos !!

Sherlock Hommos

reporting from the hart-of-Europe

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