Friday, October 15, 2010

One Bank Manager sharing my elevator
some other Lebanese have once thought
that Jacques Shirac would be their real friend !!

I was visiting my bank,so I took the elevator,
and sharing  with me was the bank-manager
who told me :
Mr. Chemayel, do you not consider
the visit of AhamadiNejad to South Lebanon
as a provocation to Israel ??

I smiled to him and said :
No fucking-Head-of-State did ever visit
the South of Lebanon , while at least 15
western-head-of -States visited North of Israel
and stood on stolen land , at our borders ,
calling us as Terrorists ......

The Bank manager stopped smiling
and he could not wait until the elevator stopped
at his floor............
he went out without a " good-bye Mr. Chemayel"

I ,on the other side, did not loose my smile.

Raja Chemayel

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