Thursday, October 21, 2010

My neighbor´s daughter

Samira on the left
with Randa ,
on the right-side.

I was entering the building, where I live temporally, in Paris
when I met my neighbour Samira in the entrance Hall.

She looked very worried , and I asked her why ??

She said : my father wants me to wear the veil
I answered : well , do him that favour , if he thinks that this is only way
                   to become  a good Muslim.
Samira :I could do that, but if Sarkozy catches me out on the street
             wearing this veil , he will punish me with a 20 Euros penalty....
             for each time ! .......each day.
I said : Well my dear it is not so traumatic .......
           come with me to the Netherlands
           there you shall pay no penalty ,but just a Veil-Tax , once per year.

Samira : and when I go to the beach in the summer  and then I go topless,
              like the European-Ladies ,
              would I then get a refund ?? from the Dutch-tax-office.

I said : I do not know my dear
           but I shall ask Geert Wilders , about it.
Finally ,  Samira decided to go and live in Cairo
because, there,  the mufti of Al Azhar has declared that
the veil can be banned by any government
which Algeria, Turkey , Syria......... did already.
Sherlock Hommos
unveiling some facts ...

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