Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The List of Guests
the Annapolis Conference

Donald Duck
Ehud Olmert (Zionisia)
Harry Potter
Mahmoud Abbas ( West-Bankistan)
Little Red-Riding-Hood
Husny Mubarak ( Pharaonistan)
King Abdullah the second ( Hashemitostan)
Sleeping Beauty
King Abdullah Bin Saud bin AbdulAziz (Wahhabostan)
Jalal Talabani (Halli-Burtonstan)
Alice ( from the wonderland)
Hamid Karzay ( Opimiumstan)
The Lone Ranger and Tonto
Bernard Kouchner (if not still held as hostage in Beirut)
Mikey Mouse
The Arab League's Foreign Minister ( But-kisserstan)

and not to forget:
Macedonia and Lithuania and Kosovo
as being the key-participants !

also shall be attending :The Press,
and the so-called- Free-Presswith
the Free Media and the not so free Media

reserved-Parking- assured
and the food is Kosher

NB :You will notice that this Conference is called :
" the Annapolis Conference "
therefore the word " Peace" was not used
for the sake of Honesty, and Credibility.

Thus , it is not :

Annapolis Peace Conference
Annapolis Reconciliation Conference
Annapolis Justice Conference
Annapolis Disengagement Conference
nor even
Annapolis Photo-opportunity Conference


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