Saturday, November 24, 2007

It is Midnight in Beirut

It is Midnight in Beirut...... .........

we shall wake up tomorrow without a President

I am sure some citizens in France or in the USA

would be jealous of us.......(Lebanese)

In France ,Train drivers and Metro conductors could do

without a President Sarkozy ,

while 150.000 Marines ought to wish that Bush

would have sent them elsewhere than Baghdad,

or that there were never a President... .......Bush.

Saturday, tomorrow, Beirut shall have an illegitimate

unconstitutional Government with half its member

having resigned , long time ago !!

And a President who would have resigned on time

and according to the constitution.

Divided in two halves , Lebanon shall survive ,

it has seen worse times....... ..

We have had once 5 sub-Lebanon' s

plus three different-occupying -armies,

while 5000 UN Blue Helmets were there, too.

So far our (Lebanese) victory ,

is not above each other's

but our victory is on our enemy who was praying

and hoping , and planing,

that military confrontations would follow ,

they did not and they shall not.....Inchallah !!

All the bad-guys are to be found on one side

although each side is a coalition of different parties

and movements... ....

all those who once collaborated secretly or openly

with Israel are on the one side only

and the other side does not include any dirty-guys......

on the contrary it includes the cleanest of all....

Two blocks , two coalitions , two sides

have grown mature and shall not use their guns.

Now the Lebanon faces the final run

as the "finish-line" is in sight......

Who shall win ?

Arab-Pan-Nationalism ?

Syrian-Regional- Nationalism ?


Lebanese-narrow- Nationalism ?

It is Midnight in Beirut ,

no President at next breakfast,

just a Prime Minister , bought by Saudi Arabia,

and rented to Condi Rice

to serve as sand-bag to Israel's tactical-schemes.

It is Midnight in Beirut

and we (Lebanese) are still nowhere..... ...

Raja Chemayel


Badiâa بديعة said...

عند منتصف الليل في بيروت رأينا ما لا يرى إلا في لبنان..رئيس عربي يغادر القصر و "الكرسي" على رجليه، لا ميتا و لا مخلوعا!!!

حدث غريب عجيب و مشهد نادر مدهش خاصة لأبناء جيلي من العرب

بديعة بوليلة
21 سنة

|Raja Chemayel said...

Dear Sister Badiaa.

as a matter of fact, Lebanon has the only Presidents who leave their office alive.
With the exeptions of Gemayel and Moawwad....who left before their terms.